Accepting Registrations


Kids & Co preschool, in partnership with UMCNL, is accepting registration for children age 2-5 years for the 2019-2020 school year. For information, please call 815-485-9504.

 Volunteers Needed

Please contact Bridget at BridgetStef@comcast.net if you are experiencing God’s call to educate the children of our congregation.

Walk of the Cross


Easter Egg Hunt

Church Cleanup


Rogers Park Mission Trip


Cookson Hills Donations 

Divorce Care


Recycling Clothes

recycling 2
In an effort to keep more textiles out of landfills, we have partnered with Goin’ Green. They pay the church each month for the opportunity to have a recycling bin on our property. Drop off all your textiles that you no longer want or need. They will recycle what they can which is a wonderful way to be better stewards of God’s many blessings to us.  

Recycling Paper & Aluminum

recycling 3
Remember to bring your newspapers, magazines, phone books, and junk mail to our green recycle bins (pictured to right). We also have a new aluminum can recycling shed! (pictured above). Proceeds go towards the Mortgage and Maintenance Fund.

Recycling Paper & Aluminum