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What is a tithe?

What is an offering?


A tithe is a tenth part of our increase. Throughout the Hebrew Scriptures (commonly called the Old Testament), God had commanded the people to offer a tithe of their increase as a way of honoring God and remembering the poor of the community. It was to be the “first fruits” of the harvest; the remainder of all we have is a gift of God.
Today, a tithe is still 10% of our increase. It is the way we can break the cycle of greed and self-centered spending in order to remember that God is the giver and the one to whom we offer our first gifts. 
An offering is any gift that we offer to God. Usually, these are considered to be the gifts that we offer above the tithe as a means of offering greater service to the world. Once the tithe has been given to God’s service in the church, we are then called to exercise greater generosity to other organizations and charities that tug at our heartstrings. 
Once our baseline giving has been established as a baseline of our faith (the tithe), we are often stretched to offer further giving to make a greater impact in the world. 
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