Rev. Wesley Dickson
Wesley has served congregations in ministry since 2000 and was ordained as an Elder in 2009. He and his wife Karen have been married since 2002. Wesley enjoys running, cycling, geocaching, and reading. In 2015, he completed the Dopey Challenge which took him 48.6 magical miles, running through all the Disney Parks, and will participate in the challenge again in 2020. He has been serving UMCNL as the Senior Pastor since 2017. Karen helps with our church website and works for Valley View School District in Bolinbgbrook. 
Rev. Matthew Krings
Matthew, originally from Milwaukee, WI, was ordained as an Elder in 2017. He and his wife Megan met while they were both serving as youth pastors and have been married since 2005. He has been serving UMCNL as the Associate Pastor since 2015.

Ryan Hesslau

Ryan is a graduate of Trinity Christian College where he served as a campus ministry leader and studied Entrepreneurial Management. He is committed to equipping youth for Kingdom work and helping them actively live into their vocation. He has attended UMCNL since 2007 and joined the team as the Director of Youth Ministries in 2018.
Tom Burns
Tom, our worship leader, brings energy to the contemporary worship service. Look for this service to be re-launched on Sunday evenings coming in Spring 2019. 

Wendy Miller

Wendy, our business manager, has been on staff since 2004. She is married to Steve and her two children, Rachel and Ryan, are grown.
Lindsay Grant
Lindsay, our administrative assistant, is originally from Ohio and graudated from Ohio State University. She is married to Jason and has two children, Abby and Jacob. 
J. Michael Weirman
Michael, our music director, is in charge of the chancel choir, celebration bell choir, and herald bell choir. He is married to Karen (pictured, right) and they have one grown son, Chris. 
Karen Weirman
Karen, our organist, has been with our church for many years. Her music helps bring your heart and mind into an attitude of worship each week. 
Mary Luksetich
Mary, the children’s choir accompanist, helps build the musical experiences of children and youth at our church. She and her husband Daniel have two children, Leah and Ben. 
Christianna Hagen
Christianna, another choir director, is in charge of the youth choir, celeste choir, and cherub choir. She helps our children to have a bit of the spotlight, no matter what their musical abilities may be. She and her husband Richard are parents to Cara, Michaela, Miles, and Dane. 
Karen Motto
Karen works in the nursery each Sunday morning with young children. Kids are always welcome in worship, but we welcome our little friends who wish to join us in the nursery! 
Mary Trent
Mary directs the majestic bell choir for 5th-8th grade students, and anyone else who wants to learn to play bells. She and her husband Ray have two grown daughters, Jennifer and Christina.