Reopening of UMCNL:

Sunday March 7, 2021

Our congregation will continue to follow the advice provided by the Illinois Department of Public Health because we strongly desire to keep our church family healthy.  This desire stems from our deep love of you and of our general rule to “do no harm.” 

Reopening for Small Groups:

We shall continue to accommodate small groups and meetings of up to a Maximum of 25 people.  Arranging for space and booking a room must be done through our office, and the person coordinating the group will need to read through and acknowledge our building use procedures, and clearly communicate expectations with those entering the building.  You may read through our policy by clicking HERE. 


We are also in the process of reopening for limited seating in Worship, starting on Easter Sunday! Given that our region is once again in Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois We are still actively watching case numbers in are area, and we are cognizant that the pandemic is not over. As long as our numbers stay reasonably low, we will be proceeding with our reopening. You may read through our policies and practices for this by Clicking HERE.

A Video Introduction

Take some time to check out this video that Pastor Mark created for us:  CLICK HERE.

Vital Notes to keep in mind:
     1.  You are always able to call the office and make a reservation, assuming there are spots open.
     2.  If you need handicap access, please call the office to make your reservation.
     3.  If the office makes your reservation for you, we will do our best to seat you in a desired spot, but this depends on availability.  When you check in on Sunday morning, we will assist you in finding your seat location.
     4.  Reservations for Sunday service MUST be made by Thursday at 9:00 AM of the same week.  The reservation system for that service will close at that time.
     5.  We STRONGLY encourage reservations to be kept to households only. This is very important in keeping EVERYONE safe and healthy.
     6.  After you have made a reservation, If you need to adjust or edit that reservation, email our office: 

Patience and Grace are Required

We are striving for perfection, but we also recognize that this process is new for ALL of us.  Please be sure that you are prepared to exercise patience and grace.  If you are so prepared, then please go ahead and register your attendance for Sunday by CLICKING HERE.